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Astrology for Mystics: Exploring the Occult Depths of the Water Houses in Your Natal Chart

Astrology for Mystics: Exploring the Occult Depths of the Water Houses in Your Natal Chart

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Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Destiny Books
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A guide to discovering and developing the spiritual and mystical talents hidden in your astrological chart

• Explores the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses of the natal astrological chart—those connected with the water signs, the deepest and darkest areas of the individual psyche, profound spiritual insights, and hidden knowledge

• Explains how to interpret the signs and planets in the water houses of your birth chart, including how to develop the innate talents and spiritual powers you discover

• Reveals the occult and psychic significance of water and shows how this significance is expressed in each of the three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, the rulers of the water houses

Your astrological birth chart, or natal chart, shows the positions of the planets, sun, and moon at the time of your birth. Shaped like a circle or wheel, it is divided into 12 sections, or “houses,” each connected with a different area of life or self. The positions of the planets within the houses offer deep and often complex insight into your unique gifts and your life’s path.

In Astrology for Mystics, Tayannah Lee McQuillar explores the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses--those connected with the element of water and all things occult, mystical, and spiritual. The fourth house, ruled by water sign Cancer, is traditionally the house of family, home, ancestors, and suffering. The eighth house, ruled by water sign Scorpio, is the house of sex, death, secret powers, and transformation. The twelfth house, ruled by Pisces, is the house of karma, loss, unspoken expectations, fantasy, and confinement. As McQuillar explains, these are the houses that reveal the deepest and darkest areas of the individual psyche, which many people are reluctant to explore, yet this triad is the key to profound spiritual insights as well as the discovery of hidden knowledge and abilities.

The author guides you through interpreting the signs and planets that inhabit the water houses in your natal chart and shows how they reveal specific innate talents. She describes how to develop the hidden powers revealed by your chart and offers practical advice for incorporating this knowledge into your daily life for spiritual growth and self-improvement. Sharing interpretation examples from her practice, she also explores how to embrace the challenge of the occult water houses so you can claim the many treasures that can only be found on the ocean floor of the psyche.

About the Author

Tayannah Lee McQuillar is a tarot reader and researcher of religion, esoterica, and mysticism. The author of several books and divination decks, including The Hoodoo Tarot and The Sibyls Oraculum, she lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Praise for Astrology for Mystics: Exploring the Occult Depths of the Water Houses in Your Natal Chart

“Tayannah Lee McQuillar presents a model for understanding our own watery depths of emotion found in the fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses of our birth charts while also encouraging us to accept or reject the information by weighing it against our intuition. This perspective is refreshing and empowering. A relatable and helpful read.”
— Lisa Tahir, LCSW, author of The Chiron Effect

“I found Astrology for Mystics refreshing with its holistic approach to the water element. Tayannah Lee McQuillar is clearly a solid astrologer who adds her own perceptive insights to this book, including the significant fundamental equivalence of water signs, houses, and mysticism. As a person with long-term and personal interest in the subject, I can say that it substantially added to my astrological knowledge and personal understanding of the fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses.”
— Frederick Hamilton Baker, author of Alchemical Tantric Astrology

“An intriguing and unusual book about the most mysterious of the elements. Mystics may not need to be astrologers, but astrologers do need to be mystics, so both have something to learn here.”
— Alison Chester-Lambert, MA, author of Greek Mythology Reading Cards

“The fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses are the most mysterious and difficult to understand, and much of that is due to their connections to mysticism and the deep work of the soul. Astrology for Mystics openly and honestly explores these shadowy areas in the birth chart, casting light into the places just beyond those dark doors and making them more accessible to seekers who may have been too intimidated to enter. Tayannah Lee McQuillar gently leads the reader into the element of water flowing through our unconscious minds and hearts and invites us to explore its depths.”
— Raven Kaldera, author of Pagan Astrology

"I highly recommend Astrology for Mystics for those who want a guide for navigating the watery realms of their chart. For astrological novice, this can be a wonderful book to tap into the uncharted energy of the 4th, 8th, and 12th house in their chart. Those with advanced knowledge in astrology are sure to discover something new as well since McQuillar offers her own insight, which is soulful and poignant. It can be so very nice to have a “hand to hold” or a book to anchor us as we take the plunge into the occult depths of our natal charts, and McQuillar perfectly holds that space for us."
— Alanna Kali, Musing Mystical

"An absolutely fascinating and impressively informative read from cover to cover, Astrology for Mystics: Exploring the Occult Depths of the Water Houses in Your Natal Chart is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, college, and university library Metaphysical Studies collections in general, and Astrology supplemental studies reading lists in particular."
— Midwest Book Review

"Astrology is discussed in terms that are easily understood, and the reader is provided information on how to obtain a free chart. The esoteric meaning of water is explained, since it 's believed to be the first element from which all things, both terrestrial and divine, ultimately originated.' The spiritual history of water includes discussion of flood myths, water spirits, and the role of water in Hoodoo."
— Lila West, Psychic-Magic