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Use Your Planets Wisely: Master Your Ultimate Cosmic Potential with Psychological Astrology

Use Your Planets Wisely: Master Your Ultimate Cosmic Potential with Psychological Astrology

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Publication Date: January 7th, 2020
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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and archetypal transformation with psychological astrology.

Your cosmic DNA is written in the skies—and when you explore the celestial threads that weave together your unique tapestry, you discover a map to your greatest potential in this lifetime.

Written by popular astrologer and depth psychologist Jennifer Freed, PhD, Use Your Planets Wisely is an innovative and transformative guide to personal evolution through astrology. Bridging the archetypal nature of the birth chart with an understanding of psychological growth, Freed helps us see the many parts of ourselves with new clarity—both the parts we love and the parts we try to hide—and then work with each part as we come into greater alignment with our most joyful and impactful lives.

Use Your Planets Wisely is written with the complete beginner in mind, though even experienced readers will find value as Freed expertly demystifies elements of astrology that are often either overlooked or overly complicated. First, an insightful integration of astrology and psychology helps us identify the primitive, adaptive, and evolving expressions of the star signs within our charts. Then, through reflection questions and activities, we learn to celebrate the places we already shine and grow into our potential to thrive and serve where we’ve been stuck.

This book is your invitation to embark on a journey to greater connection, joy, and purpose with the archetypal guidance of the stars.

About the Author

Jennifer Freed, PhD, is a psychotherapist, mediator, and author with over 25 years’ experience in the fields of psychological astrology and social-emotional learning. Her work has been featured in USA Today, the New York Times, HuffPost, and Forbes, as well as on Good Morning America and Fox News. She’s a frequent contributor to Goop, writing about astrology, relationships, and personal growth. She resides in ­­­­­­­­­­­California. For more, visit

Praise for Use Your Planets Wisely: Master Your Ultimate Cosmic Potential with Psychological Astrology

“Jennifer is one of the most intuitive and brilliant healers I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her approach, both scientific and divine, cultivates deep insight into who we are and how we can get the most out of our lives.” —Gwyneth Paltrow, actor and founder of Goop

“Dr. Jennifer Freed was a powerful, generous, and resonant guide through my first astrological reading. Clear, informative, full of depth—and she was happy to answer any questions I had. I came away from the session with a refreshing sense of clarity on personal matters that were once mystifying.” —Ayishat Akanbi, stylist, writer, and photographer

“Psychological astrologer Dr. Jennifer Freed has written a groundbreaking book on using astrology to uplift ourselves and our communities.” —Van Jones, news commentator

“Jennifer has helped me transform on every level, and I know her offering will help you step into your power and align with your greatest gifts.” —Lauren Roxburgh, bestselling author and wellness educator

“Dr. Jennifer Freed’s work is life changing and provides purpose and direction as we all try to heal, chart our journeys, and elevate.” —Dr. Taz, bestselling author of Super Woman Rx

“Jennifer’s ability to artfully guide you gently toward who you are at the core is an extraordinarily insightful adventure. She delivers a unique combination of knowledge and experience wrapped in a blanket of warmth, love, and compassion.” —Emily Morse, sex educator, doctor of human sexuality, and founder of Sex With Emily

“Jennifer’s unique talents are a treasure each of us should experience in order to discover our divine possibilities. She helped me identify my own gifts and in turn has allowed me to contribute in a more meaningful way.” —Catt Sadler, TV host and host of the It Sure Is a Beautiful Day podcast

“I first met Jennifer two years ago when I was at a bit of a crossroads in my own life—I have a lot of access to special people with special abilities at Goop, but Jennifer cut through. My session with her, which I transcribed and documented, was transformative: She explained what was available to me—in a deeply personal and resonant way—and then coached me on how to step into my destiny. I see and speak to her regularly, and she’s become a close friend. It has been thrilling to see how she has touched and transformed the lives of Goop readers in the same way over the past two years—her version of astrology, grounded in psychology, has the ability to force needed change in a profound way.” —Elise Loehnen, chief content officer, Goop

“Jennifer is an incredibly brilliant astrologer who uniquely combines her understanding of the stars with her deep background as a practical therapist. I’ve been seeing Jennifer Freed for over 15 years and her guidance is truly priceless. She teaches us that our path is not only about destiny, but how to experience the highest version of reality available for each of our souls’ unique paths and journeys here in Earth school. In short, she has helped me transform on every level and I know her offering will help you step into your power and align with your greatest gifts.” —Lauren Roxburgh, bestselling author and wellness educator

“Dr. Jen Freed brilliantly blends the art, heart, and science of relationship, career, and life advice. She is the closest thing to having a wise angel for guidance on your path in life. Whereas traditional coaches, therapists, and counselors can take weeks to get baseline information only to start digging into your case, Jen’s experience and unparalleled skillset of tapping into ancient science allows her to get to the root of your life within one session. Change your life for the better with Dr. Freed’s beautiful wisdom.” —Dr. Will Cole, leading functional medicine expert and bestselling author of Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum

“Jennifer Freed is a clear vessel for understanding ourselves and others with profound compassion. Learning from her to how to interpret the planets and the signs was life-changing.” —Marcia Cross, award-winning actress

“Jennifer is a powerful combination of compassion, clarity, and insight.” —Boyd Varty, author of Cathedral of the Wild and The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life

“Jennifer masterfully combines psychology and astrology to empower each individual to harness their uniqueness. She shares her wisdom and experience in a direct and accessible way which encourages each of us to celebrate our gifts and transform our challenges into strengths. She is a beacon of truth and her work helps illuminate the way forward for us all!” —Mary and Lucy Firestone, founders of Firestone Sisters, Inc.

“Rarely in my travels have I encountered the thoughtfulness, laser-like insight, and wisdom Dr. Jennifer Freed so easily offers. All emanating from a foundation of a loving heart. Jennifer’s ability to bring light into life is extraordinary.” —Rand Rosenberg, past senior vice president of PG&E

“Jennifer’s compelling perspectives open the doors of discovery and development that enrich ourselves and the beautiful planet where we live.” —Dr. Jim Peal, international corporate coach and trainer

“Jennifer Freed’s ability to tap into an acute reading of the stars and their accompanying psychological impact is enormously intuitive, revelatory, and deeply helpful. She has honed her craft to a high art form and it is both a pathway and a liberation.” —Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues and The Apology

“Jennifer is an extremely inspired and insightful guide who helps us understand our greatest strengths and the places where we need more development and support.” Peter and Jennifer Buffett, executive directors, NoVo Foundation